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  1. Tighten the dial for dampening adjustment with wrench after optimal value is selected.
2. Confirm whether the effective weight is in optimal range.
3. Can decrease the noise 3~7dB by inserting Urethane cap to rod end button.
4. Total energy per hour made out based on atmosphere temperature of 20℃.
Materials : Steel body with black oxide finish, Special steel piston rod
Adjustment Knob : Steel with Nickel plating
Two Lock Nut is included in each shock absorber. ( UPA42, 64 model have a lock nut )
* All dimensions, Capacities and technical data listed in this catalog are subject to change without any notice.
  1. User can adjust impact absorbed range with dampening adjustable dial(360˚) according to impact velocity.
2. Rapid returning piston rod by specially designed spring for next cycle.
3. Surface of outer tuve and piston rod plate with chrome that prohibits corrosion and scratchs for a longer life.
4. Available attachment to any position.
   - Max. impact velocity : Less than 3.5m/sec
   - Ambient temperature : -10~60℃
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Model Picture Stroke Total
Total Energy
per hour
UPA3035 35 170 80,000 15~1,950 5,000
UPA3625 25 180 90,000 17~2,450 6,000
UPA3650 50 350 110,000 34~4,900 6,000